Sheila Houlahan





Sheila Houlahan has been seen on stage and screen around the world. Her most notable credits include performing the music of A. R. Rahman with the Seattle Symphony as the headliner female vocal soloist for the Celebrate Asia! 2017 concert, performing with A.R. Rahman at the 2016 CES Intel Live Show in Las Vegas, winning an award with the Washington District Metropolitan Opera Competition in 2014, singing as a featured soprano soloist for the 2009 Salzburg Festival, playing the role of Optima Prime in the feature film Wallflower, produced by Paradigm Studios and set to release this year, playing the role of Ghania, the villain’s henchwoman, in the new superhero TV show The Exceptionals, and playing Older Nina in Jonathan Holbrook’s new horror film Beloved Beast (set to release on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime in 2018). You can catch her on the Discovery Channel’s new TV show The Wonderland Murders this August 2018 as Kate Johnson! 

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Sheila Houlahan, stage name - IAMSHIIILA is currently working on her first solo album and corresponding music video series. After the huge success of her last single "Keep On Marching On",  IAMSHIIILA shakes the industry with the release of her new single "Acheive" ft. Junior Reid.